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Lower Back Pain Relief

Since you’re reading this page you’re probably considering visiting a chiropractor in San Jose to relieve your lower back pain. Sometimes even minor injuries or strain can give rise to days or even weeks of excruciating pain.  At CARE Chiropractic we’re ready to quickly relieve that pain and then provide treatment to help keep it from coming back.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Did you know that roughly half of all working Americans report having some sort of back problems at least once a year?  It’s the second most common reason for scheduled visits to the doctor’s office!  Back problems are among the most common reasons for missed work and is a leading cause of disability.

So what causes it?

Almost always it’s a result of a “mechanical” problem — improper lifting, over exertion, or a sudden twist or jerk.  But it’s critical to be on the alert for other causes such as arthritis, infection, or fractures. It’s also possible that unrelated issues, such as kidney problems or blood clots, may be felt as back pain.

The human back is actually a very complex combination of muscles, ligaments, discs, joints, and bones that all have to work together in just the right way.  Sprains and irritations can trigger muscle spasms and the worst of stabbing back pain that can happen with every movement of your body.  Heavy exertion, especially that of improper lifting, can actually rupture a disc within your spine giving rise to pain and restricted movement.  Poor posture, obesity, and even psychological stress can also lead to backache.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

If heat pads and over-the-counter pain medications haven’t taken care of your problem, don’t delay in seeking a back pain specialist.

The gentle but firm adjustment used by chiropractors for over a century has been proven time and time again for back relief.  It involves pressure from fingers or palms and careful maneuvering of the hips and the rest of the spine.  A chiropractor’s treatment may also include massage, as well as hot and/or cold therapy to relax muscles in the region.  Your back pain doctor may also recommend lower back exercises.  Commonly, you will receive several treatments for the first week and follow-up visits are recommended based on how you respond to treatment until the problem is resolved.

Chiropractic options were long ignored by rest of health care community, but are now growing in recognition as effective and safe for acute problems and flare-ups of chronic conditions.  Visiting a chiropractor provides back relief, and can shorten bed rest periods and reduce or eliminate the need for medications.

The federal Agency for Health Care Policy and Research now recommends applying the most conservative care first, and presents chiropractic spinal manipulation as the only safe and effective drug-less initial treatment for acute lower back pain.  The Journal of American Medical Association suggests treatment by chiropractor as an early choice, with surgery only as a last resort.  A 2010 meta-study of 12 prior studies showed that chiropractic care improved short-term and mid-term pain relief at least as effectively as medication, physical therapy, and exercise and provided better relief in many cases.  A 2011 study of 26 medical trials confirmed those conclusions.


We hope this article has been helpful to you, and reminded you that there’s no need to keep suffering from lower back pain.  Please contact us if you would like to schedule an initial free consultation or have any questions.